Snake ID please

I was walking my dog yesterday and stumbled across two of these ( it's only one in the pic. I was standing in front of the mirror 8^P ) Anyways, they were super tame ( as tame as a snake can get ) and didn't mind being handled at all. Which leads me to believe that they were someones former pets that they dumped off in the park I walk my dog in.

I took them both far up into the hills ( I live in Berkeley California ) as far away from people as I could get and let them both go ( hope that's not a problem ) If I would've had a set up to care for them, I would've kept them both, but I didn't and didn't feel like taking on another pet besides my dog.

Here is a pic of one the snakes. Both were about 3 feet long.

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Hmm, red x

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Dude drop that thing now that is a Mono. Cobra dressed in sheeps clothing.


That is sooooo cool.

Looks very much like a Gopher Snake to meHere's an identified Gopher Snake.

I don't think they were pets, unless someone dumped them off right before you got there. More likely they were involved in some sort of mating activity


I found them about 30 yards apart from each other.

The reason I'm leaning more towards someone dumping them both out there is that I've been walking my dog in the same park for almost 5 years now and have never even seen any lizards in it, let alone snakes out there.

The park is surrounded on all four sides by busy 2 & 4 lane roads, heavy foot traffic and all types of businesses. So the chances of 2 snakes making it into the same park on the same day without someone picking them up, killing them or running them over is pretty slim.

They are native to the area for what it's worth

In his 'Snakes' book, Harry Greene talks about getting rattlesnakes in Berkeley . . . maybe they were just wandering.