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I really like Mr. Peterson's Picasso story.

"The artists are the people who first articulate the unknown. The role of artists in a healthy culture is to bring to public awareness elements of being that have not yet entered the collective consciousness. They're expanding the landscape. They're moving the culture forward into the unknown. And they do that by translating what is as of yet unimaginable."

"That's what artists do, they're problem solvers, they're problem detectors and problem solvers, that's what true artists do. There's a great documentary that was made about Picasso for example. Picasso is filmed making a painting on a window, so that you can see exactly what he's doing and you can watch him work with ideas, he paints something in and then he erases it, he paints over it and then he paints again and he paints over it, he moves the figures around on the canvas. You can see him working out problems and solutions to problems using his visual imagination and the artistic product, the painting is the consequence of that, rather than the aim of it."