Sneak Previews from High Percentage Leglocks DVD

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Edited to state that this DVD is now in stock and shipping at!

This DVD has two and a half hours of instruction, breaking down and building up the ankle lock, the heel hook and the toehold. It has so much material on it that I had to go to a dual-layer DVD format, so basically it's two DVDs in one.

It is divided into four sections: below you can see a brief description of each section and view some of the content from the DVD.

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Stephan Kesting


 Section 1: Introduction and Principles (Link to Youtube page)

This section ensures that your your leglocking fundamentals are correct and efficient. Without proper mechanics and positioning you will often find yourself applying leglocks, straining as hard as you can, but unable to force your opponent to tap out. Make sure that never happens again!




Section 2: Ankle Lock and Heel Hook Entries (Link to Youtube page)

In this section High Percentage Leglocks covers entries into the ankle lock and heel hook from many different positions. The techniques include methods to apply leglocks from inside your opponent's guard, from your own guard, as counters to sweeps, in transitions between positions, as followups from other submission attempts, from sidemount and from full mount.


Section 3: Counters and Recounters (Link to Youtube page)

To master leglocks you need to know leglock counters AND recounters (the counters to the counters). This material is critical, both to prevent your opponent from leglocking you, and also to be able to anticipate and defeat any leglock counters your opponent might use to try to shut down your attack.


Bonus Section: the Toehold (Link to Youtube page)

Toeholds are one of the most versatile leglocks, and can be used to submit your opponent quickly from a great number of angles and positions. Find out how to apply toeholds properly, what the common mistakes are, and what the best counters are should an opponent try to apply one on you


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Looks like another must have DVD. Great work!

That's it. Im watching it tomorrow, no matter what. This looks really good!


Awesome! Can't wait!!


cant wait to buy this

That take-down to leglock is SICK

 it is sick and -  it works!  I've used it in sparring and in competition.  I was going to include the clip of me nailing it in a submission grappling tournament and discovered that the video footage of that event was all corrupted and that that technique in particular was completely unviewable.  So you'll just have to take my word for it this time...



Looks good Stephan.

Looks awesome!

You keep spelling your name wrong though. It's S-T-E-P-H-E-N.

You're welcome!

 for laters.....

Hi Stephen. Thank you for putting out this series! I've always thought very highly of your videos.

On the clip you show here for Counters and Recounters, you deal with the foot on the hip. Do you also deal with counters and recounters when the guy doing the leglock figure-fours the opponent's leg? As in Scott Sonnen's saddle position. I personally find the foot on the hip placement sufficient against someone who's clueless, but if I'm really serious about the leglock, I have to fully wrap my leg around his AND trap his other leg with my other leg (if that makes sense). Do you teach how to defend against that setup?


 Hi Lautaro

Both those are difficult positions: they are more secure than the foot on the hip position, but slower to achieve,  The foot on the hip position is one of my favorites, given a) that you aren't  just lying there passively waiting for him to escape, B) that you know how to recounter his counters, and C) you are actively trying to apply the footlock.

That being said, there are several counters on the DVD that will work on the figure four leg position, but I don't address that position per se.  I also have counters that address your second concern (where you trap his leg with your other leg)

Thanks for the questions
Stephan Kesting

Good stuff!

fantastic stuff

I know one thing, Stephan only gets better and better at not just what material he is presenting, but also the production! I think Stephans' videos set the standard for how videos should be made and sold. And let's not forget folks, lets NOT forget that when you order from Stephan you also get the highest quality of customer service! Am I wrong? NO! BUY HIS VIDEOS!! And shut the F up Donny!

Damn. I got my copy. This is a good video. Real good.

My first viewing pulled together some underlying principals that I had been missing – it sorted through conflicting advice from different instructors and DVDs. It was all made coherent through Stephan’s attention to the underlying details that make these attacks work. I feel pretty confident that these principals alone are going to increase my success rate dramatically with foot attacks. Especially since I was footlocking the piss out of people last night.

This DVD is classic grapplearts product - everything you need to take your technique to the next level, and no filler. Explanations are solid, clear, and honest. I like the no bs approach - if he thinks it is low percentage he says so, and if two different approaches are equally valid but with different pros and cons, he says that too.

I'm not going to do a chapter-by-chapter breakdown, but I will say that the counter's and recounters section is pure gold. It works equally well as a primer on how to defend yourself against foot attacks, and advanced finishing school on how to lock them down and make them work against an opponent who knows something, and is throwing in the kitchen sink to defend. Last night I won a footlock war due 100% to things I saw in this section.

The DVD is also good $/usable material value - over two hours long with no filler. I found it super watchable - I watched the first 1.5 hours in a single sitting (I usually burnout/overload on instructionals after 20-30 min).

Anyway, absolutely one of the top DVDs in my collection.

 Stephan's dvd's are always excellent.