Sneakerheads check in!

What have you picked up over the last few months? 


1. SW’s , will wear soon. 

2. Yeezy 700 , currently wear

3. Cactus jacks, will make decision once I see- or flip.

4. Yeezy 500 blush and moon: wear both (moon arrives this week)



Last couple pickups were


Yeezy blue tints 

Space Jam 11s


A pair of Gatorade 1s which obviously flopped, but I still like em. So grabbed a pair cheap.

Awesome! Waiting on my spacejams to come from stockx now. Excited for them to arrive, will be my first 11’s


i feel like I saw the gatoraides for 80 today? Still a cool shoe.

Retired sneakerhead here.



Obsessing over shoes is a female activity.

Yall are bietches.

Y'all got the velcro? 

 An you guys post pics of these? I’m ignorant of the sneaker head game, but do have a decent collection of regular sneakers. Mostly adidas, probably about 20 pair or so. 

I used to buy a lot of sneakers. I have a lot I want to get rid of now. 

Those are a couple of my recent pickups 

Sweet kicks Mayhem, top pic the left ones look cool, the right are probably insanely comfortable but not my cup of tea. The bottom pic I would have given one of my nuts for when I was in high school.  Bad ass. 

not my pic, but I got these off SNKRS as my first big win.


holding these for a bit and will eventually flip. (550-750$ range)

I love these. Anybody know what they’re called?

So what do you guys wear these with?

Chomas -

Tonight is one of those nights.  These React Element 87s are lit in the bone colorway especially so Ill be staying up most of the night trying to buy them.  Unexpected but I wont be turning away $$$.

I need to cop these 

ShadowPM -

not my pic, but I got these off SNKRS as my first big win.

I wish the SNKRS app worked in Canada. I love these shoes.

I picked up my first pair of Air Max 97s recently. Nothing rare or anything, but I love them. Amazing shoes.

The snkrs app makes life pretty easy for sure. 97’s look awesome. 


Mayhem13 -

Those are fire