Sneaky Fake Paul Leaks Hasim Rahman Jr. weigh-in video

Sure. But if you look at it as an actual human… they called him and offered him the fight at more money than he’s ever made, said you have to weigh X amount knowing he weighed much more, and then said you may not go discuss with your team, you must take it or leave it right now and if you leave it the offer never comes again. I think most people say yes, thinking they’ll make it work. Sure, it was up to him to make it work and in a perfect world he would have turned down the biggest payday of his career knowing the chances of making weight were unlikely. But people aren’t as perfect as you’d like them to be. And Jake’s team knew what they were doing painting him into that corner. They’re savvy snakes. Could have been handled better all around.

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Maybe he should just find an actual boxer in his weight class, than try to cherry pick from a general list of people he thinks he can beat.

Then he wouldn’t have to deal with this kind of bullshit.


Rahmans father said he doesn’t take this as serious as he should. He prolly tried to shit the shitter thinking he could get away with not cutting down and jake would take the fight anyway but regardless, it sounded like he knew he’d never make the weight and signed the contract anyway. Jake might’ve had a an unreasonable contract but it was an unsigned contract. Hasim signed it and didn’t hold up his end. He’s been talking about his weight since the first day I heard him talk about this fight.

My point is, if you sign a contract for a weight you know you can’t make and then go around saying you’re not gonna let them drain you to that contracted weight, then that tells me you never intended to make weight and it all falls down on hasim. However you slice it, Jake didn’t do anything wrong. He offered an opportunity and however a rigorous endeavor it may have been the guy who said he could do it didn’t or wouldn’t. It’s that simple.

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Yeh but hasim was gonna make weight. That’s all he should have to do

This 10% of body weight is bullshit to make sure hasim didn’t have size on Jake

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Michael Rapaport shared a post on Instagram: "Fake Paul the con is up. The Ghosts of Madison Square Garden have spoken! You

“Fake Paul, don’t front, stop the lying and the bullcrapping! Your fight that was supposed to go down in the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden, didn’t get cancelled cause of some weight thing to the fake fighter that you were gonna fight in Madison Square Garden. It got cancelled cause no one bought tickets! Because the ghosts of Madison Square Garden, the same arena where Ali fought Fraiser, where Jake LaMotta fought “Sugar” Ray Robinson, where HULK HOGAN FOUGHT ANDRE THE GIANT, Madison Square Garden … They did not want to see you in there.

“No one bought tickets to that fake fight, Fake Paul. You’re not a fighter, you wanna be a real fighter, fight a real fighter, take a real drug test. The ruse, the con, the bulljive is over! Fake Paul!”

I love an impassioned rant like anyone else, but does no one find it amusing bringing up Hulk Hogan in a diatribe about real fighters and drug tests? Regardless, it’s impossible to name the real reason for the bout’s cancellation without insider info.

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Rahman lied about his weight when he signed, said he was something like 216 when it was really 230. When asked for proof he lost a bunch of water weight in a sweatsuit and sent it in at 216. When the commission checked like 3-4 weeks later he was only at 215.


Jake lied about using gear. Jake did NOT want that smoke

Eh, Hasim is the one who signed to fight him at 200 and a week out said he would only cut to 215. Thats why the fight is cancelled

Jake has been fighting at what, 190? Hasim has a crazy amount of experience over him and needed a 25 lb advantage? Sounds like Hasim didnt want that smoke and that sounds silly as shit to say considering I had Hasim winning

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Yea it’s a clusterfuck all around. You could tell Jake wasn’t happy with this fight for WHATEVER reason. I don’t think he would’ve picked a guy he knew he couldn’t beat but I just got a sneaky suspicion that the KO clause(can’t knock Jake out) might be real and Jake was worried that tho hasim said he wouldn’t knock Jake out, all his behavior lead Jake to believe he wasn’t gonna adhere to any contract or clauses about that in the actual fight. Might be why he cancelled it so early.

You guys that can’t accept Jake just love ridiculous mental gymnastics.

Would love to live a day in your head lol