SNF Cowboys at Philly

Eagles -3.5 who takes it?

I think it's a must win for the Cowboys and their locker room I gots my money on them. Phone Post 3.0

I hope Dallas takes it. Phone Post 3.0

Great road team vs a great home team. Def a must win for the cowboys with the tougher schedule remaining. I see them winning though with the extra rest and splits tend to happen in division games.

Cowboys take the cake or I will take a dare tomorrow and complete with pics. First dare with five votes to the dare wins!! Phone Post 3.0

What is a ghost pepper? Phone Post 3.0

I wonder if TOny Romo has ever visited Brazil and had his name pronounced.

Dare: Post a pic of you and a tranny. I assume you'll be good even though they won since this is the og. Phone Post 3.0