The Sniper Shoot Wrestling Team from Arashi-do Martial Arts in Edmonton will be holding an open tryout for fighters interested in being on the team on SATURDAY AUGUST 26th, 2006 from 12pm-4pm at Arashi-do North 12730 St.Albert Trail. Cost is $30 for members and $50 for non-members. Tryout consists of 2 hours of dryland and conditioning drills and 2 hrs of modified sparring exercises. No fight experience is needed but a solid skill base is necessary. Being on the team gives access to special workouts outside of normal class times, fighter management, and sponsorship deals. For more info or to register call Mike Yakulic at (780)220-KICK or Mike Newton at (780)554-JITS. Thanks

Great opportunity for local fighters to get some top training and fight exp.

Call for info


Nice! Mike and Mike are two solid individuals. I hope everyting goes well and you get some good fighters out.

Is Johnny trying out?

Kelsey, haven't seen john in a while. Hope he comes out though.

You guys are funny!

Does the tryout still include a hot dog eating contest?If it does I'm in.

Johnny, I thought this was the year bud?

Kels, unfortunately life got in the way. But I will be getting back out soon. Yak threatened an ass whooping if I don't get my blue this year.
TTT for Sniper team tryouts


TTT. Less than a week away.

People need to learn how to spell Mikes last name. It's Mike Yackackulick. Oh and Captain Newtsky. Cant wait til' saturday!

Great opportunity to train with some top Edmonton fighters and get some great training.


Legs are totally seised up.

Hey Newton, did you get any pictures of me bleeding all over the bathroom (walls, mats,...)? You took enough puke photos, I figure a blood photo should be included.

I can't walk down stairs today. Good times!

My 15 minute bike ride to work is now a 30 minute bike ride. I can't even kneel down to tie my shoes.

HEE HEE! Well done everyone that came out. We'll have our team lists up soon at the dojo. There was a lot of puking and a pretty good amount of blood (unfortunately) but I'm not sure what kind of photos were done. A lot of heart was shown and good chins as my hands were a little sore from the amount of punches landed. TTT for all that came out