snorting protein

have any studies been performed on insufflating protein powder? Would it have ANY benefit in getting the protein to fatigued muscles faster? Just a question.

You should definitely do this.




I sense a revolution in the supplement industry.

I find when I sniff a coke and protein mix before a workout, I get an ephedrine-like rush, an incredible gain in strength, and uber-fast muscle recovery.

I only snort Kool Aid.

glue sometimes has protein in it...

I really don't know what to say...

You would get sick as shit. You would have protien and sugars directly hanging out in your lungs. Bacteria and stuff would love it and you would grow some very colorful things in thier. The stuff you would cough up may be things no man has ever coughed up before. But at least you would get a fantastic ab workout as you created these new lifeforms.

I wanna see a long detailed explanation by JRS or vermonter

Make sure you add a lot of salt to the protein before snorting it. Helps with digestion.


the only thing better than snorting protein is taking it as a supposetary. Did I mention the high protein content of semen?

LOL indeed.

For once, i've got nothing to say.




this is the best idea in the history of mankind. I'm going to Weider with it.

also, be sure to try it with creatine as well.

Great thread. You can also add ground glass for better absorbtion.