Snow Leopard, There is no escape



Snow leopard vs Balrog next


holy shit
gonna be sore in the morning

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I saw this in high def on one of those nature shows with David Attenborough. Bad ass.

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Sore, but fed.

Love me some Attenborough.

Why don’t you marry him then?

Damn, nature. You scary!

homer simpson falling GIF

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like the top post on the video says -Ah I see why Snow Leopards are endangered

In Soviet Russia, the pussy will do anything for you


Lol. Good point

That was below the belt, sir.

Jesus, how is the snow leopard not dead after that type of fall.

On a semi related note, the leopard using his tail like a rudder, as well as spotting (no pun intended) it’s landing etc to correct it’s fall was pretty incredible to watch in real time.

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