Last night we played this game "5 seconds or less" with my in-laws.

Basically you get a card and have 5 seconds to answer correctly. You have to give 3 different things that correlate with the topic on a card you select.

So my father-in-law gets the card "name 3 winter activities you can do outdoors"

He says sledding, skiing and snowballing.

The old ppl had no clue why me, my husband, SIL, BIL were crying laughing at his answer.

Later we kept referencing snowballing and laughing and finally my BIL whispers the meaning to him and he said
"Ah that's disgusting, I meant snow ball fight" Phone Post 3.0

Any new pics you care to post ? Phone Post 3.0

I can post pix all day! But the may not be selfies :) Phone Post 3.0

:/ Phone Post 3.0