I've been noticing a lot of people who are out and drinking Sierra Nevada beers straight from the bottle. I guess a lot of people don't know this, but SN bottle conditions their beers - this means that they use live yeast to carbonate the beer.

there is a layer of yeast that is still sitting in the bottom of the bottle that will slightly change the flavor of the beer (not to mention give ya some gas). so when your out make sure the bartender give you a spare glass for your bottle conditioned beers.

How to pour

I didn't know snpa was bottle conditioned! I knew their other ones were but I figured they went with pasteurization and force carbing with that one, due to the wide market. Color me impressed.

bahahhaha, ya the laxatative effects of wild yeast are pretty amazing.

Drinking mine from my kick ass 1940 something beer glasses given to me by my girlfriends grandmother. Imagine just a standard wide mouthed wine glass but the stem is an open inverted cone. Holds one beer perfectly =)

I just Shake it real good before I open it!!

interesting that this came along right when the Ratebeer forum with discussing the same issue. Long story short, someone called out the Stone CEO becuase you can't see yeast residue in any of their beers, yet they all say they're bottle conditioned. Trick is, no yeast is added, and due to the huge batch sizes only a very small amount makes it into each bottle. Yeast being microscopic and all, it's pretty common not to see any.

lol @ that shirt