Snuff (Cover)

Hey OG.

I’ve posted a lot of my music here over the years. It’s always been orchestral stuff, but I recently did something different.

So here it is

Hope you guys enjoy it.


Very nice. Good job pal!

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Thanks man. I appreciate it. It’s amazing how much work goes into one small track sometimes.

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In for later

I like it. Good job dude.

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Not bad man.

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Thank you all

I always kinda laughed at Slipknot after finding out how short that dude is in contrast to how he sounds. With that voice, I always expected him to be huge as shit.

But this was well done. Nice job!

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Yea Corey Taylor is probably around 5’ 8". But he sounds like a beast. At least in some of their earlier stuff. Hearing him by himself with an acoustic makes more sense though.

And thank you dude. It’s a new road for me lol

Is holly9000 still around? We used to talk about music quite a bit a few years ago.

Just TTTing for the night crowd. If you don’t like it, just let me know… Thanks again

reenact the Snuff video where Corey cross dresses.

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I would, but my man tits might be too big for the dress.


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Damn good brother

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Thanks. I appreciate you giving it a listen.

Very nice job man and the production sounds great. Did you record/mix/master it yourself at home? If so, what are you using for DAW and other stuff?

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Next to Ozzy/Sabbath, I’ve seen Slipknot live more than any other band and am a huge fan.

I clicked play fully expecting to not like it even after reading the comments. I thought maybe it would be “ok-ish” and that I would listen to a few seconds and shut it off.

I was wrong. I very much enjoyed it, and listened all the way through. I used to have trouble sleeping ages ago when I was young and would always fall asleep to either Slipknot or Sepultura. No idea why as it seems the opposite, but they always relaxed me in my own way, so I mean this as a compliment when I say I started nodding off listening to it. Thanks for that.

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My friend and I did this at home. It’s all done in my room. And thanks for your compliment. It’s been a lot of years trying to get something with that kind of clarity.

As far as DAW and plugins:
DAW - Cubase 10.5
Mic - Shure KSM42
Baritone/Acoustic/7 String through Custom Kemper Profiler settings
Piano - CinePiano (Classical) VST
Strings - Nashville Scoring Strings VST
Synth Pad - Custom made through Zebra 2
Drums - TAMA with Shure PGA mics
Mixing plugins - Steven Slate package
Mastering Plugins - Izotope

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