So a thread I started titled "Number of sexless men has tripled in 10 years" was flagged. Why?

Why is that controversial?


This place is toast…


It offends someone so it is deemed bad. We are all thought criminals now, apparently.


I’m starting to lean that way myself…it’s been a journey…


Pussy boy behavior indeed

Is it really Google flagging shit or is it some asshole on here doing it manually?


They should probably explain themselves.

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as i understand it kirik is getting alerts on threads from some sort of automated google process and he then “quarantines” the thread

This forum is about to become a lot less fun.


And a lot more empty


Fuck me this place is about to suck balls.

Because it’s a bigoted thread

At some point this place will lose so many people that even faggots like you will leave. I consider that a win.

I’ve already cut much of my time on here, twitter and the tok by a huge amount. Cant say I miss much of any of it.

How can you tell when sth is flagged?

There’s strength in numbers. We can all sit around and bitch or we can do something about it. If you fucks could agree to stay away for just a couple days, like zero traffic, this will end. They flagged and locked the dont put your family in this situation thread too.

It’s over unless we do something

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How much ad revenue could they even be protecting?

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Enough that they are willing to drive it into the ground

A lot of threads are being flagged. This forum is owned by Google now and they choose what we are allowed to say.

This is horseshit. Fuck googlrle