So BJM gives time-outs now?

I couldn't believe how he gave 'worm' so much time to recover. Almost cost Franca the fight.

BJM = Best ref ever?

Yep, he almost robbed Hermes. That point shit should be at the end of the round.

I think he tried to stop the fight but realized it was too quick and tried to play it off like it was a timeout.

Spiderman is correct

that "timeout" was COMPLETE BULLSHIT

I didn't understand that either...
If it was a point deduction for running then Loiseau would have gotten one of those for every round against Franklin... It was wierd, to say the least. I had Hermes losing the first 2 rounds but he came on strong in the last round. Impressive win.


Twas strange.

Big John had warned Varner to stop running from Hermes. He told him next time that Varner ran from the fight he would deduct a point. It just so happened that Big John made "the call" while Hermes had Varner in trouble.

Big John called a great fight, there should be no pushback at all. Big John is the best ref in the business and as Hermes said in the post fight interview...."it is what it is and Big John is the best in the business"

It was one of the fighters job to finish the fight and thats what Hermes did, displaying a huge heart and once again a brilliant submission.

Congrats to Hermes and Jamie Varner for also having the "Fight of the Night".

The Armory

"It just so happened that Big John made "the call" while Hermes had Varner in trouble."

Well, that's a ridiculously stupid time to make that call and could have potentially cost Franca the fight.

If there's a point taken away for running, then Grugel should have beat Hominic.

BMJ is not the best ref. LOL.