So Cal Pro Am Invt. DVD ROCKS!

So check this out, I got a copy of the So Cal Pro Am inventional DVD. It took me the whole weekend to watch (its around a 4 hour DVD). Anyways the DVD is simply awesome. The rules were a little weird (no time limits, if your up by 12 points you win). I had figured that the matches would last FOREVER but they didnt. The longest match was about 20 mins. They had like 2 matches finish in under a min.

It had tons of submissions! Its awesome to see guys going for subs and not play the point game.

And the level of comp is stacked! (the gracie boys, tyrone glover, drew ficket, sean spangler, mayhem miller, etc).

Pick it up if you get the chance to.

the longest fight was about 29 minutes - rener vs. joe stevenson, in an absolute WAR.

the next longest was cassio werneck vs. joe stevenson (again), about 25 min.  that was a WAR too.

the shortest fight was won by tyrone glover in under 30 secs. (i believe).

some quick tournament stats:

submission percentage: 68% (that's almost 7 out of 10 fights won by sub!)

average fight time: 7:44 - not too bad for a NTL tournament.  that's why we were focused on our NO STALLING penalty approach: 1st offense = warning, 2nd = 1 point, 3rd = 1 point, 4th = DQ!  needless to say, no one came close to being DQ'd.

thanks for the review Uly!