So, Condit WILL fight this year?

I really liked watching him fight, the last 4-5 years. Hopefully Georges injury does nothing to hinder C.C's progress.

At his age, theres no need to fight less than twice/year.

Imo, GSP is going to beat him- and make it look easy (see Kos, Fitch etc)

I just want to watch him fight. Its a shame that another guys injury affects his willingness to "scrap" again.

He has the "Strikeforce" belt, he won from Diaz.

It would be nice if the UFC ww title would get defended.

Hopefully, GSP will be back asap, I guess thats what hes waiting for...

After the whole "running" debacle, I thought Carlos would want to get right back in there- for his fans!

I really hope he doesnt end up like Hardy did, after being dismantled by the champ- he looked really bad for years after...