so did hawaii win?

who went? so is this year gonna be good or wot?

we won.....barely.

its going to be a very long season.

uh sucks and mac shouldnt be a head coach. i have season tix and go all the time but hawaii is in for some down seasons. were gonna get rolled over this year.

bye bye fair weather fan revenue. :(

I cant believe we're paying MAc $1.1mil!!? Im calling 911.

That was my school they played. Our team is making improvement...thought we had it with the two minutes left though. :(

lol hillary! shudda made the trip out w them.

only so much dick one can take my freng!

Are we paying him that? I was thinking he was getting paid $200k or something like that because of his lack of notoriety.

We need to go after a big young QB and the fastest guys we can get our hands on.

norm chow was the easiest way for that to happen. macs a D guy. was in miami during the fun times. but if we have a june jon es type coach whos willing to throw the rock 60 times game we will get stud QBs and when that come all the WRs do too cause they know we will be tossing it all day.
but no we got MAC what kinda players can he recruit? .........idk cause no stud D guys are coming to UH to play in the wac.

and so it begins again...

I also think they missed the boat by not getting Norm Chow. Very bad move.