So does Icon revolve around Lawler

This is so fucked up!!! 2 times in a row already,and all these guys training their ass off has to suffer again. This card was stacked no matter what with Lawler or not, Oshiro,Ross da boss,Padeken,J will,Pieper,Zack Rapal,and the list goes on.All these guys are worth watching now they have to wait again. DAMN LAWLER!!!!!!!!

im soooooo sick we've been waiting for soooo long alot of us would still go WITHOUT the lawler kala fight with this card...

Bring back Mayhem!!!

Hana Hour for MayheM!!!


I would still go also! Even w/o lawler.

TTT for MaYhem


Kala-vs-MaYhem...........wouls probally go like lawler-vs-MayHem........but still would b a great fight!

I agree...Mayhem would definently win. BRING BACK MAYHEM!

"im soooooo sick we've been waiting for soooo long alot of us would still go WITHOUT the lawler kala fight with this card..."

a lot of us hardcore fans were still looking forward to the rest of te fights...
unfortunately we're outnumbered, and a lot more of the fans that fill up the blaisdell would NOT have gone without the lawler x kala fight...

mayhem's management turned down the pro-elite / icon offer and signed with a different organization i believe...

well said raze.

This is all a bunch of shiet! I'm so pissed about the cancellation, fahk!

What i wanna know is how do they know people would not attend this event because lawler was out? They can't say it's because of slow ticket sales because it is so close to the event date (upon lawler's injury notification), ticket sales either way would have been the same. i personally think this is a cop-out.

Sad thing is everyone i talked to said they were still going to go.

the nightmare of lawler having to cancel b4 has a lot to do with this. not the june 30 either.

i feel bad for all the guys that have been training -it is actually very depressing to prepare and then not bang-kinda like blue ballz

happy ending?

RAZE = Good for the sport

aside from the fighters themselves I guarantee nobody feels worse then the promoters for having to postpone this event...

It's the fighters and their families whom i'm voicing my frustrations for.

No nice X-mas presents for the fighters families. They could have moved it to Dole Cannery and rocked the house!

I like watching Sahru fight.
I hope he's one of the guys proelite picks up for their show.

Raze i second that emotion

this whole thing sucks big balls..and not in a good way LOL!

but i can see how aside from us fight junkies ur everyday joe schmo is not coughing up the $$$ for a card where the main event is scrapped

sad but true

congrats on the blue name SAS!

thank u!!!

*^-^ *

lol oh and i promise on my blue name that i will spend wayyyyyyyy too much time here!