So finally my race is tomorrow

and it's going to be raining pretty much from now all the way through it. What's the worst that could happen? Maybe fall off a cargo net to my death.

Any last minute advice for a nighttime meal or early morning snack before it? I know a few of you guys do this foolish events. Thinking little oatmeal and half a banana a couple hours before.


Go to bed early, Wake up early. 

Drink HALF a protein shake

Drink lots of water.


Good luck! Phone Post 3.0

I've done four tough mudders, Super Spartan, Rebel Race etc.

Which event are you doing and how many miles is it?

It's the urban raid. Far easier than mudder and other ones. Just 5k Phone Post 3.0

Gritty - It's the urban raid. Far easier than mudder and other ones. Just 5k Phone Post 3.0

Oatmeal and a banana will be fine. Drink lots of water the day before, get a good nights rest. Stretch before race. Tie your shoes up tight.

Other than that, have an awesome time!

Also might not want to wear anything cotton if there are mud/water obstacles. Shit soaks water up like a sponge. I guess because it's a 5k it won't make too much of a difference, but any wicking type of material or under armor type stuff will probably be better.

I agree. Dress light, wicking materials. Hydrate! Phone Post

BodyGlide, the stuff works. No blisters.

Owwwww my most of me

Did it a little over 30 minutes. The opening hurdles at the 1/2 mile mark gassed me hard. Carrying a 40 lb bag up a hill was basically a normal day for me as a dad. Hurt my neck on the last big wall that you can barely jump Hang on and pull yourself up

Real fun event and great that it's right downtown. Tourists were wondering wtf was going on. Wish I could have stayed for more free beer.

Mbn, urban raid Boston is making its debut next week. Let's do it next year Phone Post 3.0

Red-White-Blue - BodyGlide, the stuff works. No blisters.
I don't do any exercise without body glide Phone Post 3.0

Good time!

Good Job. Looks like you are ready to survive the next riots. Maybe the Celtics will win a title in the next 50 years for you to use your skills.

My diet since race has been a beer and three donuts. Sure there will be a pic or vid I can share later Phone Post 3.0

Good job! Phone Post 3.0

Congrats bro!

Up it to a Spartan Sprint and the a Tough Mudder next time! Phone Post 3.0