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I recently received the Luis Gutierrez Slo Flo JJ DVD, and here is my review of it.
This is a two volume dvd, with volume one dealing with the Harness position and volume two covering the Chin Strap, V Pass, X Pass, and it also has an interview with Luis, on Tempo rolling.

Volume One, I absolutely loved this DVD, Luis takes the Harness position and shows you every way possible to obtain it.

Technique one, starts off showing you how to get it first from side control with the near and then the far arm. He shows "The Shoulder of Justice" position to make your opponenet uncomfortable so you can set up the Harness.

Technique two, shows how to set it up from North South and also with Knee on Belly.

Technique three, shows how to get the harness from 1/4 position front and side ride, and then taking the back.

Luis also shows how to get the Harness while passing the guard using the fork lift guard pass. After showing you how to obtain each position and controlling it he does a quick review.

Luis then shows you how to get your submissions from the Harness position.

I'm not going to go into super detail on each submission.

Submission series one, is a choke from the Harness position from side control with a follow up choke that looks like the cobra clutch if he trys to counter the first one and then how to get the arm bar if he gives you another type of resistance and he follows that up with a loop choke or as he calls it a rat choke or wrap not sure what term he is using. He then follows it up with a head and arm triangle.

Submission series two, is taking the back and getting the rear naked choke, Luis uses the same principals that Marcelo Garcia does about obtaining the choke before getting the hooks in or while putting the hooks in. He shows how to take the back choke quickly from each position. Luis then goes in depth into how to get the choke from the back dealing with different types of resistance.

Submission series three is from the 1/4 position, he starts with dealing with the sit out from the front 1/4 position and how to get the back from the sit out position. Luis then shows a nice way to get the Noguiera choke from the front 1/4 position. The next submission I am not sure of the name of, but anyone who saw the socal pro am dvd saw Glover pull it on Andy Wang. It's a step over loop choke with the Gi on without I'm not sure what it's called. But it's a very nice sub when you have a guy shoot in on you and you sprawl back.

Luis then demonstrates how to flow using the Harness from moves to moves with his opponent giving him resistance. It's a nice display of all the ways to flow with the harness position.

Luis then shows how the Harness applies to MMA.

Then to finish it off Luis shows you some more details for the Harness. He starts it off using a drill where his partner is trying to roll, while Luis is just making sure he keeps the harness in the correct position. He then addresses side ride one more time with a nice set up sub. He then continues with how to deal with the side ride position and the different counters your opponent may use. Luis then moves on to dealing with taking the back and the different resistances your opponent make give you. He shows some really nice set ups from the back from this position. He ends it from side control with a nice set up.

The first Volume closes with a hilite video with clips from the 03 florida seminar, some other rolling and what looks to be maybe a future instructional.

I have to say I really loved this DVD, the only things I can say I disliked were more technical things in the production than anything else. I think he should have chaptered the submissions for each position instead of leaving it as one whole chapter that you have to view to get to the part you want to see. The only other gripe I have is some of the camera work, Luis should use a tripod, or at least a monopod to keep the camera work a little less shaky. It wasn't terrible but it was there, it made it feel a little more Guerilla Video style than an $80 instructional. I give Volume one Five out of Five stars.

Vol. 2 covers the chin strap and the V and X guard pass and tempo rolling.

I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the first one. I liked the chin strap part a lot for no gi, I really didn't like the V pass because I just don't see that working and it's not something I would try but that is JMO other people may see this and jump all over it but it just wasn't my cup of tea. The X pass at the start was very cool, I didn't like the fall to guard to get said sweep because in a comp I will not fall and get swept hoping to get another sweep in return, it's just too dangerous to try in a comp IMO, so the first part of the X pass was really nice the later additions I really didn't care for at all and this is coming from someone who loves to play the X guard and does so rather often.

I liked his interview on tempo rolling a lot as well. Over all I felt this dvd was a lot more filler than anything else with a lot of clip time compared to the first volume. I think the chin strap section makes this DVD worth it though because it makes up for the parts I didn't care for. I would give this vol a 3 out of 5 stars and give the over all set a four out of five stars because there just may be people who find a use for the V pass.

Overall summary is this is a great set for the Harness and chin strap alone, if he had put just these two it would have been an incredible set. I felt it was a tad pricey for DVDrs and the Guerilla style filming but the content is there and that's what counts most.

I recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to take the back and keep it Marcello Garcia style, I have seen him use these very set ups and if you want your back control game to get better this is where you need to go because nothing addresses this position like Luis has period! He has seriously broken down a position and showed you how to obtain the submissions like few others can. He has raised the bar on positional dvds in terms of information with the likes of Stephan Kesting and Jen.

A four out of five stars and anyone who doesn't get this set either knows how to get the back position from any position and control it and get the sub, or they don't care if they learn it.

Those are the only two people who won't be buying this DVD, if you aren't Marcelo Garcia you should be buying this PERIOD!

The above review was done by me, Luis must have taken that and put it up here before I edited the post. I had not known the V and X passes were bonus footage, which explains why the X pass section is rather short. But finding out after that this was bonus material I changed my rating of the second dvd to 4 out of five stars and my overall rating of the DVD was 4.5 out of FIVE stars, probably one of the best instructionals I have seen period in terms of great content.

This DVD set is great and has really helped me think about my game more creatively. I highly recommend checking it out. Thank you to Luis for your generosity.