So friggin what, Tito.............

So heez got personal problems, SO WHAT?

They should have NOTHING to do with Guy/Tito III

And besides, it's no excuse anyway.

Guy had a shitload of personal problems going into Guy/Tito II and NEVER tried to make excuses!

Shit Guy had a lot of problems when he fought and beat Arona, his fiance was in NYC and he lost friends in the attacks also. He fought his heart out. I am a big Tito fan, but I would really like to see Guy pull this off.

just to clarify your mis-clarification he beat Arona handily.


Tito is saying nothing about the situation people it's a person wh ois "close to the camp" bullshit.People read between the lines already!

guy had arona almost ko'd. arona hid his face under the ropes to avoid being finished. the ref restart helped too. guy kicked his ass, however since guy did nothing in r 3 the judges gave it to arona

Arona did NOT smoke Guy and couldn't do it now either(to Tito either).

Yeah, it's funny... Arona is the king of winning decisions he doesn't deserve, and Guy is the king of losing decisions in fights he won.

Mezger/Arona was one HELLAVA fight!!!!

I liked Mezger in that fight, I think Pride just used that fight to get Mezger out of Pride. Kind of like the way UFC used Sherks loss to Hughes to never bring him back.(By the way Hughes is still one of my favorites, but I like Sherk too)

Organizations are funny like that. Nothing against Liddell, but come on. You keep the guy in UFC and set him up for another possible title shot after beating Vernon. I respect that he beat Ortiz and Vernon, but got lucky when Alistar gassed and got the crap kicked out of you by Quinton- but you get another shot at Randy. I guess true contenders are the guys that sell tickets, right?

Im not trying to direspect Chuck, I like watching him fight. But I am just saying that some Organizations just suck about how they line fighters up.

Wonder how much Tito will be making for this fight. Anybody know?

just for the record, guy told me first hand that when arona went down he was telling guy to stop and was saying "" but the ref didn't stop it. watch the fight and you can see guy trying to tell the ref. arona said to stop.

C Kiever, you are full of the brown stuf. Alistar got hit, he didn't gas.

Plus, if Allistair gassed after a whopping 2:00 of fighting, then maybe that makes Liddell a better fighter?