So highways are racist now?

I can’t keep up anymore…

Ever notice they’re all black… and we drive on them like they mean nothing! White supremacy has never been so BLATANT!


In all honesty, I somewhat agree with her (just not her extreme framing of the issue). Public transportation is a necessity for those with low income. I really don’t get this whole push (especially by liberals) for driveless cars or electric cars since it excludes people who can’t afford those cars. Not only that I would presume that public transportation could be potentially be more environmental friendly.


The Big 3 along with oil companies will never let high speed rail happen

Have you ridden on public transportation in inner cities lately, especially those run by Dems. I challenge AOC to ride a subway without any security for a month and then let’s see what she has to say.


Yes let me know when she’s riding, I’d like to get a closer look at those mamaries!


The “Big 3” are not very big anymore.

Yes, let me know.
I just want to pee on her.

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She’s an incredible moron.


I agree!

Fun fact: She’s also the first person in history to not get dizzy from spinning like this… no brain = no dizzyness


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You guys are talking about my girl all wrong.

christopher walken GIF


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Pretty sure she already does that

Subway was pretty clean last week when I took the 4,5,6 from Grand Central to Soho and the N,Q,R to Flatiron

It’s not really the big 3 or oil companies. I believe it’s the property laws in the US that makes it so rough to lay any type of new rail.

That said, AOC is correct and the Washington Examiner is just putting their typical shit-spin on it. High speed rail connecting major markets is massive infrastructure improvement that has huge payoffs and the US is in the dark ages on public transportation.

I would bet she has considerable IQ points on you as well as a superior education with superior grades and given she is a young and very powerful legislator… has accomplished far more in life in a much shorter period of time.

It’s fucking remarkable the power this woman has at this point in her career. Most of the blue collar goons on this board are too dense to realize it… but she is working for you, not me.


And I work in the industry.

Passenger rail isn’t a profitable venture, and there’s no way to implement such a project without huge amounts of federal funds. We can’t even get desperately needed tunnels under the Hudson River properly funded, let alone a massive inter-city high speed network. Amtrak is as good as it’s going to get.

I seem to have struck a nerve. She has a lot of fame because every word out of her mouth is retarded. She caters to the lowest common denominator in society by just injecting race into everything. That’s it. The only reason she’s even in Congress is because no one in her district shows up to vote.


Wasn’t there something about her basically auditioning for this role, and she’s basically just an actress spewing whatever nonsense the people behind her want? Maybe that’s not true, but I did hear it somewhere.

I’m not sure she’s as a dumb as what actually comes out of her mouth. And if you think what she says it smart…I don’t know what to tell you, girlfriend.

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Yes, understood and thank you for your insider perspective. It would obviously take government funding to make anything like this happen and would actually be a much better taxpayer benefit than let’s say a couple trillion dollars in wars in the middle east or a few trillion in tax breaks for billionaires, which is where your tax money has been going lately.

You didn’t strike a nerve… I called it like I saw it and I don’t see you claiming anything I said as incorrect. No, that’s not the reason she is in congress. Do you know how much money Republicans are spending to oust her and attack her?

Even if I don’t agree with her politics or all her statements, the woman is a ideolog that fights for what she believes in. I wish the government was full of representatives like her instead of sell-outs working for corporate interests. She is doing a phenomenal job representing her ideology and her constituents.