So how about that Cain Velasquez chin?

So are people still saying Cain Velasquez has a weak chin?

Looked a lot like the same situation Cain was in. Getting hit by Kongo who was moving back and had his back to the cage and what not. It's insane that Cain was not KOd by those shots. Barry was OUT COLD. Eyes rolled back and everything!

I still don't think the first punch from Kongo truly rocked Barry, I think it just lowered his head and center enough that that uppercut destroyed him, I think those two punches Cain takes in sequence are more powerful, they both have some good force behind them, that second punch puts most fighters out.

Kongo planted his feet snd hit barry Phone Post

Cain took all the shots and still kept on coming. if you watch the whole fight you no Kongo couldnt even get to the feet after the fight