So how about that stupid promo for Rousey vs. Holm

Uh, wtf was that? Horrible Phone Post 3.0

That promotion will last more than their fight. Phone Post 3.0

It's the same bullshit to pitch a one sided fight as the upcoming DC vs Jones 2 promos will be. Phone Post 3.0

Lol at Herb Dean lookalike


Laughed hard at Ronda ripping off her teddybear's arm

I liked it. They did a good job selling the drama, although the fight will be shit. I'll still watch of course. Phone Post 3.0

that was aimed at 13 year old girls, looked kike a lifetime movie commercial.

i like it too and laughed at herb.

Do they even need to try that hard to sell a Rousey fight at this point though? Phone Post 3.0

I left and came back and it was still on Phone Post 3.0

Was it Rogan and Goldie screaming the same tired shit? Then I'm a fan.

That was actually a really great promo. My wife wants to watch it now lol Phone Post 3.0

Great promo. But absolutely ridiculous. Phone Post 3.0

It was a promo that is much more main stream. That's the kind of promo that non-fans could see and find compelling. That's what they are after no doubt as this is going to be their biggest event when it comes to attendance.

Smart play by Zuffa to do something like that.

Horrible. Phone Post 3.0

I loved that damn promo. Apmost as much as i loved the return of anderson silva promo withbthe itsy bitsy spider.

It's 1000 times better than just a highlight reel that almost everyone has seen before. Phone Post 3.0

My GF asked me wtf I was watching. Hard to respond coherently. Phone Post 3.0

What about that fucking teddy bear though? Phone Post 3.0

That was the most embarrassing bag of shit I've ever seen. The UFC is pathetic.