So, how sad is Herring/Giant Silv?

So, they fought last year and it took Herring 3 rds to beat the Giant Silva...

Looking back..that may be the saddest thing ever.

noone ever claimed that herring was good

Herring is damn good you guys are fags

who has herring beat to be damn good?

I didn't say he wasn't good...but come on.. Giant Silva?? I know the guy was huge and looked scary.. but like 16-17 minutes to beat him?

Who has Herring lost to that makes him suck?

we didnt say he sucked, but u arent good unless u beat someone good

I would say Herring is good. He beat Tom Erikson when many people when many thought Erikson was nearly unbeatable, and he beat Mark Kerr and Igor Vovchanchyn when both were considered to be top 10. Recently he hasn't beaten anyone of note, but that's because the top people he has fought recently have been Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

and he got robbed in a decision vs. Belfort

Fights are about styles and THAT's never as simple as technical ability vs. technical ability.

It took him 16 minutes because he wanted to win using his standup. He could have taken him down and submitted him in 30 seconds, but I think he wanted to put on a show. Heath is ten times the fighter that Choi Mu Bae or Naoya Ogawa are. Back off.

Anyone who could take him down and submit him in thirty seconds but doesn`t do it is not a very smart fighter.

fabes has KTFO of the correct.Heath is a great fighter adn just because he worked stand up on Giant Silva doesn't mean he sucks.He beat Igor, whom many on this forum nut over, when Igor was still on a roll.Erickson was a great fighter whom he beat down.

i've never thought Herring was good. I thought Kerr was over rated too though, so maybe that's why Herring's stock wasn't sky high with me at any point

wasnt that silvas 1st fight? herring had no idea what silvas strong/weak points were, in hindsight i am sure herring would fight differently now seeing that he has more of an idea what the giants weak points are now.

also, sometimes promoters will ask fighters to carry an opponent or to keep it standing or give bonuses for doing so. you never know. herring is a tough dude.

Herring had some big name wins in his career with Pride and has been on a decline lately. He hasnt really improved much despite having some diverse trainers.

Nobody would advise totally changing a fighter's style, but being a big strong tough guy who does a little of everything is becoming more and more common today so that you need some special skills to have a real edge.

Herring's a darn good fighter.