So I bought UFC 63 and....

I'm completely dissappointed. After my rugby game on Saturday(I'm still sore as fuck) couple of guys asked if they could watch UFC63 at my place. I haven't gotten a UFC since the Canada/USA one and now I know why.

The only fights that were any good were Pulver/Lauzon because that Lauzon came to fucking rock. If he was going down he was going in a blaze. Great strategy by him and his team. Completely threw Pulver off. And my man Rasheed Evans. This guy has some serious skills and he made Lambert look like a joke.

Wow I'm glad I had some buddies flip the PPV purchase is all I can say.

If it was a Pride card, you'd be raving about it 'till the cows come home.

O&O you got me.

If that was a Pride card, I think he'd wonder why at least 14 out of the 18 fighters were even on the card.

thanks for the announcement