So I finally finished Halo 2

Yeah I know, I just been busy not enough time to play. I was at my brothers house and we beat the game Coopertively. All I have to say that there are good cliffhangers and there are bad cliffhangers. I think the writer is a beginner storyteller, because this was a bad cliffhanger.

MGS 2 was a good cliffhanger, you worked hard accomplished what you set out to accomplished, but it led to other questions that needed to be answered.

Halo 2 you didn't accomplished what you set out to accomplished. The initial level of the game was you defending the earth from the covenant. You have to succesfully defend the earth from the covenant in order to have a real ending. But that didn't happen. The Covenant was still in the process of invading earth. During the story they somehow decided that stopping Halo from going off should be the ultimate goal. But first of all, you decided to have two protagonist, the arbitor and Master chief. You have to either A)Give both protagonist the same goal. Which would be defending the earth. Or B)Have them accomplish each of their goals. It was the arbitor's goal to stop Halo from launching. It was Master Chief's goal to protect the earth. You had to accomplish Master Chief's goal along with the arbitors goal. And if you wanted a good cliffhanger, after defending the earth, you would have what's left of the covennant survive, or one of the prophets survive to go after the other rings, and leave off with you having to hunt them down. One last point, if your going to introduce a new main character, that plant that sent you on your missions, then you have to explain it's history and it's intentions. Just my two cents on story telling.

the ending was bad because it wasn't the "ending"

read the halo 2.5 thread.

You know what Dan and Felix

"God Forbid you get a story with a little complexity in it, ohhh I just want to be entertained." - Ben Stiller as a Fat White in the end of Dodgeball

Great movie by the way