So, I got my black belt last night

I have no idea who you are, but congrats anyways. Whatevs.

Congrats, how long did it take?

Jason -

Congrats, how long did it take?

7 years as a brown. I believe he started mid 90s. Phone Post 3.0

Congrats Alder! Phone Post 3.0

Sorry to answer the questions I wrote this in Facebook. Sorry I've been a chronic lurker, I used to post more as "Alder"

I started with traditional martial arts, then went to JJ Machado's in 1996, from there I went to Renato Magno's and got my blue, from there I got with Eddie Bravo in 2005. I started coaching a lot in 2009, opened my school in 2010 as a brown and got my black now.

Lots of injuries have kept me off the matts consistently in the last couple years. Bad back, blew out my knee frayed meniscus, perforated my eardrum, broke my hands, broken ribs, rotator cuff injury, and the regular stuff along the way. Phone Post 3.0


Congrats! That's a wonderful achievement and a true testimony of hard working and sticking to jiu jitsu.

(I suspect when I get my black belt, it will be about 20 years for me as well)

Congrats! Phone Post 3.0





Thanks dudes :) Phone Post 3.0

Awesome, congrats! Always liked your instructionals. Phone Post 3.0

Once you go black.... Phone Post 3.0

Ryan Prouty - Once you go black.... Phone Post 3.0
Unless your initials are BQ Phone Post 3.0

Hell YA Alder! Congrats! Someone give him his sliver name!


I think you are the second Alder this month. Lol. Congrats. Phone Post 3.0

There's another Alder? I should send him a cease and desist. Phone Post 3.0