So I guess Al Davis got it wrong!

I think old Al thought that he was bringing Art Shell back to PLAY Offensive line, not coach. That crazy old man may just be onto something. I think Art Shell at his age is still the best O-lineman with the Raiders.

Robert Gallery= Bust. He was supposed to be the end all be all of offensive lineman, he has done next to nothing and really has not progressed his play from his rookie year. The rest of that line sucks too. The Charger front 7 is very tough, but it looked like they were playing a very bad college team.


Robert Gallery = Mike Williams (former #4 pic of Buffalo released this offseason)

you are correct 303.

I have not given hope on Shell though, I am happy at least he is trying to instill disicpline.

can't beleive the Jerry Porter situation. That guy is a selfish mofo. did you see the little bit on espn? a local paper reported he was cheering on the sideline (he was inactive) while the charges sacked brooks.

His answer was some shit like I wasn't even paying attention to the game, i was repsonding to some fans who were talking to me while i was sitting on the sidelines.

Al Davis= A gift to Bronco fans everywhere. As long as he lives Oakland will suck! I hope he is taking his meds and getting all the proper medical attention.


Robert Gallery = sure glad he was taken at that pick and the steelers didn't move up to get him and took rothlesberger in rd 1 and max starks in round three instead!!!!

I wanted the Chargers draft Gallery back when he came out. I'm glad they didn't listen to me now...