So, I had a really nice dinner...

with my wife. They brought some nice drinks to start. She had a Pendente Lite Beer, and it was a Penal Colada for me.

Then we were served the Soups Du Jury: Willful and Wonton Soup and the Gruel in Shelley's Case. They had nice sides there – her Amicus Curry was okay, but the Rice Judicata was really delicious.

Our unlawful entrees included tort ellini, and since she was dieting, my wife had the Mechanic's Lean. It was tough to choose because the Squid Pro Quo and the Herring on the Merits were recommended. The Egg Foo Hung Jury and Cheese A Vinculo et Macaroni were praised by the table next to us, but they said the Rigattorney and Jambalawyer were terrible. Finally, I had a Mints Rea for dessert and we tried to share a Joint Custardy, but it was so bad she had to return it and asked for an In Limine Meringue Pie instead. All in all, it was a nice dinner.