What up guys.  Haven't had much free time due to finals and work, but I did a couple of interviews recently with Karo Parisyan & Jake O' Brien

The Jake one is really short due to me having some problems with the recorder I was using at the time and not being able to hear certain answers, but it still came out okay I think.

The Karo one is pretty long so what I put up now is part 1 of the interview.  I just didn't have enough time these past few days to type the whole thing.  So the following is just the first part.  I am just about done with the second part of the interview and it is much better then the first.

So if you enjoyed my past interviews, I think you will enjoy these.  I just wrapped up an interview recently that I feel was my best yet and that I think you guys will really like.  I will let you know about it when it's ready. 

Thanks for all the feedback and like always keep it coming, as it has helped me dramaticaly with the recent interviews I have done.   Lastly I would like to say thank you to Karo, Jake, and Ken for making this happen.

Here you go:

Jake O' Brien Interview

karo Parisyan Interview

Part 1