So I just banged some former fatty.........

So I have friends who have friends who had one real fat chick. She was always nice and I was always nice to her. We seemed to hit it off everytime we saw each other. Too bad for me she was married and was WAY to fat.

Fast forward to yesterday I bump into this hot chick at the mall and she's all like " MAINELY how have you been? Its so nice to see you!!" I was like who are you? She then goes on to tell me who she was " I was floored" and how she has changed her eating habits and started working out. I told her she looked good and asked how her husband was.

She went on for about 30 min straight telling me how her husband is still a fat slob. Does not want to workout refuses to stop eating shit and NOW is a jealous bastard cause she lost all her weight and was making herself healthy. Went on to say how she resents him for being that way and feels like he now is holding her back. Says he is a short fat miserable bastard and she sometimes feels like just going out and getting a real man not a short fat lazy bastard that smells like body odor and pee.

Well I took that as my cue and start to compliment her an chat about working out BJJ an stuff. Next thing ya know her feet are behind her head in the closest motel we could find.

She asked me if I could be her regular side thing. Who am I to say no right? Plan on hitting that again in a few days.

It was a good day !!!!

7/10...prompt timing.

lol at smelling like body odor and pee



At least provide pics since her jealous as fuck Husband won't do it.

Did not realize it was a spin as soon as I saw the thread title, which is more than can be said about most spins.

Honestly... pretty good. 7 or 8/10.

Haven't seen the original thread but 7/10

LOL not bad


9/10 Good Timing!


TTT :)

Hey mainelybjj, last time "she" was in my mom said "I think she was looking at you as they were leaving".   If only she was man.   God I'd have nothing to satisfy that tall bosomy goddess with.

carry on 

7.0. Decent timing.

great timing but no pics makes it 4/10. 

Didn't read because I was looking at all of the pics...


Solid work. Was steadily interesting until a few lines in when the spin became obvious, which makes for a stronger punch line in my opinion. 7.5/10.

ABCTT_Hunter Thompson's .45 -

I'm gonna give you my first perfect 10 spin ever. And I'll tell ya why. Bc the OP of that other thread could seriously learn from this post. And after he doesn't take any advice and change, it'll serve as a good trial run for him to read before he catches his wife cheating IRL and has to try and not lose his mind. This is a triple whammy. Outstanding work.

Solid post.

exact OPPOSITE thing happened to me once.... as a favor to a friend I took his wifes old room mate "fat Jenny" to a wedding. I said yes bc I didnt have anything going and she was a nice girl just fat. Well I show up and she is fit as a fiddle. Like looking GOOD. I thought her new found confidence and her low self esteem would be the perfect combo for an evening of weird shit. NOPE. She said she would fuck me bc I wouldnt have anything to do with her when she was fat. LOL such is life. 



I hope shes fat agin.

It's rare that the original post shows up after the spin.