So I just realized I arrive in Vegas on 30-Dec

I booked these flights before UFC 141. I arrive at 3:25pm and I've never been to Vegas before. Is that going to give me enough time to get my family squared away where we are staying and get back to MGM Grand in time?

Anyone have any tips for me, or has a single ticket they need to get rid of?

I'm looking to purchase a ticket very soon so I can actually still get one.

Well I bought a ticket. Full Speed Ahead! First UFC Live! Hopefully no injuries.

Depends on where you're staying but Vegas is relatively small.

I'd be more worried about the abandonment issues your kids will be dealing with.

3:25 ET? If not, prelims will probably be starting about that time (pt). Phone Post

Ha Timmy. My wife will be with the brats.

MMArijuana. 3:25 Vegas time is my arrival.

I guess I'll miss some of the beginning. D'oh!

Yeah, that would suck big time!

PPV part doesn't start until 6PM Vegas time though right?

Ya you'll prob make it in for the main card and one or two fights before that and that's if you hustle. Maybe kiss some ass and have your wife do the check in and just B line it for MGM as soon as you get the fan to your hotel. Phone Post


Where are you flying in from? Phone Post

Tickets say that first fight starts at 3:50 PM, but West Coast events usually start a bit later than advertised.

Main card actually starts at 7 PM, as the PPV times are changing back starting with this card.

 When ever I go to shows I get there when the doors open. The way UFC hypes up the live crowd is great and definitely part of the experience. If you can get away with it, snag a cab to the hotel then jet to MGM as soon as they hand you the keys to the room.

Vegas isnt huge, getting from the airport to the hotel will be quick.

Sweet. My family is getting picked up by our friends (I'm the only UFC fan of the whole lot of us), and I am headed to the MGM as soon as I can get the rental car in my posession (pickup of rental car scheduled for 4:00PM)

I think I won't miss too much.

I would get the rental car after the fights, getting the car will add another 45 minutes to your journey.

The first fight is scheduled for 3:50 but they are usually at least 20 minutes late starting (of course they won't be now I've said that:)...)

I think you'll be all right if all goes as scheduled. Main card is back at 7pm(10 pm est). Phone Post

Have your wife pick up the rental and take cab to MGM from the airport.

BTW, I made it in time for the Dong Hyun Kim/Sean Pierson fight.

Good Times.