So I just spent a week in the Psych Ward... AMA

Says it all in the title.

NVM - just realized WFA. FML

All good man.. Hope you're feeling better. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks. If ya do wanna ask anything it's on the OG now

jbbarne - Thanks. If ya do wanna ask anything it's on the OG now
Thx buddy.. I've been before, and when I left it was from the spinner pod to the inmate pod lol. Phone Post 3.0

What happened that you went in? Phone Post 3.0

Did this have anything to do with Gene Simmons? Phone Post 3.0

What kind of drugs did they make you take? Phone Post 3.0

LOL, nothing to do with Gene Simmons. However, interestingly enough, there was a guy there who believed himself to be Mean Gene Okerland.

They gave me a few thorazine shots. When I left they put me on seroquil, trazadone, and lamictal. Shits crazy.

And I went in cause the bitch therapist of mine lied to me. It's a long story, explained it on the OG. Feel free to check it out.

Good timing op. After this week's MMA news I think one week in the psych ward would be a vacation.

I hope you are doing better.

Tell us about the pills. Phone Post 3.0

Did you see warmachine being checked in as you were being discharged?

I went in a few months ago, for depression. regretted it.

I told the doc that admitted me my story, and he said I should get therapy (psychologist) and then let me go, then said I could voluntarily stay 2 or 3 days, and meet a panel of specialists, to look at my situation in more detail.

so I agreed. 4 days later, I hadn't met any specialists, and the docs and nurses had made a few significant mistakes, including with my medication, and I'd had insomnia since arriving, so at that point I didn't believe they could help me, and were fucking around wasting my time more than anything else, so I asked to be released. they wouldn't agree, and forced me to take medication. btw 3 different doctors had 3 different diagnoses for me, and prescribed 3 different medications. I was starting to get scared by that point, so I called my friend, who is a social worker, to spring me out. she used her knowledge of the law to get me released. or else they would have doped me up and kept me, I guess. scary, to feel that one's fate is in the hands of incompetent quacks with supposed "legitimacy"

the symptoms that brought me there ? being depressed a lot, and thinking that I would probably kill myself in around a year.

I wouldn't recommend psychiatry to anyone. after coming home, I continued to have insomnia (like 2-3 hours of sleep per night) for another 3 months, and had a few new neurotic behaviours (nothing harmful, just weird) as well as a generalized anxiety, which I hadn't had before going there. I have JUST got over the anxiety and insomnia only recently. but I consider the experience to have been traumatic.

they don't do shock treatment or lobotomies anymore, but they still have a lot to learn about helping a person.

I hope you are feeling better, OP

Yea man I feel ya with that. My therapist told me I could sign out after I got my meds that evening. That was complete bullshit. Then I'm such a textbook case that the head doc in psych thought I was a sociopath. Almost put a 60 day hold on my ass, but I managed to get all my paper work from the last 16 years sent to him. Some scary shit

This is my nightmare...Jesus.... Phone Post 3.0

HandyDarsh - This is my nightmare...Jesus.... Phone Post 3.0
Hope all is well OP Phone Post 3.0

HandyDarsh - This is my nightmare...Jesus.... Phone Post 3.0

sometimes it's better NOT to get help, than to get WRONG help.

never again. psychologists, group counceling maybe. talking to friends who care. but no psych ward ever again, especially not voluntarily (cause once you're in, it's not voluntary anymore).

in there, anything you can say that is completely rational, is considered coming from the mouth of someone who is "sick" (mentally, crazy), so they only listen to you to detail their diagnosis.

sorry for the hi-jack OP

folks, just be forewarned!

It's cool. When I posted this on the OG most of these points came out. Once society labels you crazy, they give no more fucks about you. I mean if someone is depressed and contemplating suicide... and they know their only option is to go to the psych ward for 60-90 days... suicide just seems like a better option.

I know I need help from time to time, but I went to them for help and was completely honest. Just to be held against my will and told I'm lying. Been a bullshit week

Did you meet any straight loony toons? Hot girl who is a sex addict? Phone Post 3.0

LeastLegit - Did you meet any straight loony toons? Hot girl who is a sex addict? Phone Post 3.0

Oh yea on the Loony Toons. Some people will be in there for the rest of their lives. One lady was scitzo with dementia. Interesting to say the least. No sex addicts, but a few hot girls for sure.