So- I "liked" a FB page called Chickens, Chickens"

Not sure what I was expecitng....buuut....these fucking wierdos are fucking OBSESSED with their chickens!!

I realize this might make me seem like a dumbass for not knowing what to expect. but theyre fucking wierd!

On the UPSDE- there are some HOTTIES.

I'll find pics

This bitch crying because fox snatched her Chicken!
My heart is hurting so much. Today, during the afternoon while I was at work and My husband was home hanging around the yard, a (suspected) fox came out and took the life of the first chicken I ever loved. She was my sweet girl who put a smile on my face every single day. She would hang out with me and follow me around the yard and greet me when I came home from work and sat on my chest as we watched TV together at two days old. No matter how big or small the pet is, it's never easy to deal with losing an animal you love. Devastated. RIP HONEY. I love you


She's still a little swollen but much better. Thank you for all the helpful tips. Even though I tried no puss ever came out. I just washed her eye out with eye wash and put Neosporin without pain relief on her and gave an injection of Tylan 50. This morning she still couldn't open it very well so I flushed everything out again and added Neosporin. You don't always need a vet like some of you suggested. The fact she can at least open her eye is a huge improvement. She even free ranged around the yard by herself today while the others stayed in the run.

I was given this Bantam hen that was badly injured to her face and neck, she was beaten up by her flock. When I got her her face was covered in a scab spanning from one eye to the other and under her neck. She has been being treated and actually regained her vision once the scab came off. But now scar tissue has overgrown her eyes and she is blind once again. I know she can see but, don't know if there are any treatments that can be done that don't involve surgery. Has anyone else experienced this? She can eat and drink on her own in her pen. She has a great demeanor and is very chatty when spoken to and she follows me around the yard. I do not want to put her down so, any other advice would be great. Thanks for your help.

Shes a member

Lol I am a member of that group. 

shes a member

cakegirl - 

Lol I am a member of that group. 

BAHAHAHA!!!!! yes!!

I have chickens...chicks love chicks

had to put some down myself.... .22LR back yard stuff


I have a pet crispy Peking chicken.

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shes a member

She's huge. Yeesh. 


One time one I came across and it was a whole bunch of people talking about growing bananas in their back yards and shit. It was also weird. 

Banchan -

I would join.

then join you idiot

I was going to make fun of these people for hugging food...but I'm fairly certain I've drunkenly hugged a burrito more than once.