So I said to her

Baby, I like a woman who smells like a nice mixture of vanilla and bologna. So you’re not my type.

Then she said to me “then why are you lurking in the bushes outside my bathroom window”.

Touche lady. Touche.

What da!? You was lurking in some woman’s bushes?! Were you paid to do her yard work or something? Sounds stalkerish!

eventually having preferences for women will be a huge no no… and a type of hate shaming.
in the future they will arrange partners for you to have sex with… and it will be purely physical and a type of psychological maintenance exercise. this is the world we’re heading into.

@Cheddar_Man no no no! You got it all wrong bro. I was bird watching! That’s why I was lurking in those bushes with binoculars and a cam recorder from 1987!

What actually happened…
steve martin two wild and crazy guys GIF by Saturday Night Live

You still shouldnt be on some ladies property in the bushes outside her bathroom even if you are trying to spot and record birds. Thats innapropriate!

Ham Hands Bill… that you?

@Cheddar_Man I was just innocently cruising around looking for birds in my 1979 ford econoline windowless van. Then I realized I could get a better view from the bushes!

Ham sucks. Only bologna for this guy.

van GIF