So I stumbled across the Overeem vs Carwin fight

 and made a gif for you guys!

well you got the skin colors right

Dogman - well you got the skin colors right

 Ehhh, Overeem is more dusk, Anthony is midnight.

 you can clearly see carwins power alleys, I am not wrong

 it was dark in the cage tht nite

That doesn't seem to show Alistair being GnPed into unconsciousness or submission so it can't possibly be the right fight.

 ufail.jpg image by Lord_Xalen

 looks like we have some upset carwin fans here. you guys should be happy that he dodged a fight with the real animal of the HW division in brock lesner


yea. im sure they are happy hes not FIGHTING FOR THE TITLE

or anything


 this is how excited shane is about fighting overeem again