So I was WRONG (Women's MMA)

When women's MMA started getting popular I cringed from embarrassment and thought it was a joke. I wondered why any female would want to fight in a cage. I even said some not so nice things about women MMA fighters and frankly hoped it wouldn't even make it as a sport.

For a reason still unknown to me, I ordered Invicta last night and just want to say in all sincerity........ I was wrong, and I'm sorry. My apologies to all the women fighting in MMA and to those that aspire to fight.

Last night was an amazing card and an amazing night of fights. Last night I saw some women fight with more heart and more cardio than some of their male counterparts. I was thoroughly entertained and impressed. I am glad I was able to contribute financially a little bit to the show and truly hope the women eventually get the recognition they deserve.

I will be buying every Invicta from here on out and urge those who haven't watched it to at least order one event and give these women a chance to impress you. I'm glad I did.

To the female fighters: Thanks again for a great night of fights and laying it all on the line in that cage.

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This thread rules. Vtfu later, bud. Phone Post

I agree. I just fuken hate all the talking that Roussey does. It doesn't help. It's just annoying as fuk. Phone Post 3.0

It was a great card too Phone Post 3.0

Lol, better late than never. Phone Post

The skill showed last night was better than a lot of the men's cards of the last year.

Invicta shows rule, cool for the OP to admit he was wrong. I hope others who don't believe in WMMA order future shows and give it a shot.

Wow it takes a big man to admit they were wrong big ups homie! Phone Post 3.0

hugs Phone Post 3.0

Watching it right now. 14.99 for a badass event. Invicta delivers! Phone Post 3.0

I love these threads. Phone Post 3.0

I really enjoyed that card as well. Those first two fights were awesome. I felt Bec won her fight though. Phone Post

WMMA is great. Havent seen a boring fight yet. Always see the passion is there in each fight and fight every fight as if it was for a title.

VU OP and heres to WMMA growing! Phone Post 3.0


VU Phone Post 3.0

Yes but Invicta is the absolute best women in mma, like UFC. Phone Post 3.0

I absolutely enjoy the hell out of women's mma. However, I do not enjoy/appreciate it enough to pay $55 to watch a squatch match main-event, unless it is on a card with other very high interest fights. Luckily that has happened so far, as Machida is my fav, and the next one will be shared with Anderson.


Card was famous :-) Phone Post 3.0

Really big step forward to have threads like this. You still have the odd thread bemoaning a perceived lack of talent or depth in WMMA, but Invicta and the 135 division in the UFC are consistently proving the doubters wrong.