So im at work and this indian guy chats me up

Working in the fraud department at a bank. Its a saturday, only like 5-10 of us there. This indian guy and his 8 year old son walk by on the floor and he stops and chats me up.

Really nice guy, he said he was looking at the floor so he can decide if he wants to have his office there. Said hes in IT, and all of it made sense as i know other dudes like him.

He chatted me up about all kinda stuff, was really smart and seemed like he was high up in the IT area(which he is). He asked for my email or my phone. I thought that was kinda weird but i gave him my email much to the surprise of the people working with me. It seemed like he might be a good contact to have and i mentioned needing to move up from my shit office job.

Long story short, he chats me back and forth for a lil while and then drops the "Amway speech" on me. Sends me to a link..

password: choices

Pretty much seemed like an amway or other pyramid scheme. OG i ask what to do with this guy, should i ignore him? Should i troll him? Should i entertain him further?

Seems like a waste of time for someone like me who won't hustle like is needed to make that kind of income.

he was really doing a dry run for a terrorist attack on your building.

I think you should go with your first instinct and suck his cock. The financial stuff is all smoke and mirrors.

Kerouac - I think you should go with your first instinct and suck his cock. The financial stuff is all smoke and mirrors.

Yeah get some curry on your lunch break. Phone Post

hes trying to turn you out

Email him and get his cell number

Purchase large sharpie marker or multiple tubes of pink lipstick

Visit the seediest strip clubs, alleys, truck stops, gay clubs, drug houses and write his name an cell phone # down with something nasty like cutie with a juicy booty holler at me.

Or I'll suck your dick for $20 bucks.

PROFIT..... Phone Post 3.0

Na, he wasn't suspect of being fabulous. I do avoid using the bathroom near the indians tho, they dont understand you cant be making eye contact or turning your head when at the urinal!

Fuckin worst violators of bathroom/man law ever!

I talked to him, was tempting to troll him but he does work with me. And did let me know how the filters the IT department places on internal communicator work. Priceless knowledge!

Thanks OG, i had a feeling the majority of responses would have homosexual undertones. No curry for me tho, thanks