So I'm In a Music Video

hey guys this is the first of a few music videos that one of my bands is releasing over the next few months. This one was self made and is a teaser to a professional one being edited currently check it out and let me know what you think.



thanks MM-Eh!


Decent song OP, which one are you? Phone Post 3.0

That is your band? Where can I buy your music? Touring at all? I really liked it. Phone Post

I'm the chunky but lovable bass player with the burly beard.

That song is available to download on our bandcamp its the first single from our new ep that will be out shortly

And yea we are playing in lancaster PA friday then Detriot on sunday and are in negotiations to play in DC come August.

I like your guys sound. I'd check you out if you were in my area or if I didn't have plans Friday I'd head out to Lancaster. Got a website where we can see your tour dates? Phone Post 3.0

That's cool and all, but I'd care a hell of a lot more if you were one of those big booty hoes from any rap video. Still cool and all, but no tits.

i mean if you really want to see some tits i can show mine off, and we will post any dates we have @



nice job OP!

thanks guys! and what kind of stuff you into fighting?

Later Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post

On the road to Lancaster pa tonight playing the chameleon club Phone Post

Liked it!

Lol we like to call it rock and roll. I'm in a second band that's like a heavy emo we refer to as screamotal or soft metal Phone Post