So is Cena fired?

I sure hope so lol Phone Post

I hope he takes a few months off. Cena has earned time off and the WWE would be a fresher product without him until late Sept / early Oct. Likely never happen though

A few months without cena would be refreshing Phone Post

he's had his whole aura chipped away this year by the Rock and now Punk, he needs to vanish for a bit . Phone Post

Can they really afford to keep him off TV? They are a bit light in the star department right now.

Maybe if they bring in Triple H do chase Punk around it could work.

Naw. They'll just break out the "Juan" Cena bit again. That or they'll reveal some loophole tonight so he doesn't get fired.

Well, Vince "promised" John he'd fire him. Until Vince says "YOU'RE FIIIIIREEEEED!" he ain't fired.

He's only fired if CM Punk leaves with the belt. I guess we'll find out tonight where they're going with this.

This is why I can't the product. Do the McMahons really think we're that stupid to believe Cena's really going to be fired.. again [The last one was only a few months ago and it lasted about what a week?]