So is McGregor selling wolf tickets

…or is he actually focused, motivated, and hungry to fight in a way he hasn’t been for about five years now.

They say hes motivated for every fight. So either they’re liars, and I dont trust that hes really motivated. Or they’re truth tellers, and he still losing even when hes motivated.

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That Mayweather purse, i think, took away his focus, motivation and hunger.
With him, you never know.

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Having called out Diego Sanchez should tell you everything


He’s hungry like the wolf

Who cares?

This fight means nothing as Poirier should be fighting Olivira for the strap.

We know the rankings, (despite the fact the UFC messes with them) and Oliveira should be fighting Poirier, then Gaethje.

Conor should be fighting Chandler or Dariush if he wants to move up.

Chandler should be fighting Conor to show he should after Poirier and Gaethje.

This fight is just a filler fight and not worth Poirier’s time except for the money and that is the only reason they are fighting.

This means nothing for Poirier if he wins and bumps him down if he loses. Connor doesn’t move past Gaethje even with the win.


After watching the presser, yes wolf tickets are clearly being sold. If McGregor doesn’t land a big left and take Dustin out in round one he will quit sooner or later. He’s clearly just not into fighting anymore.


McGregor clearly got in Dustins head the first fight. You could just see how timid Dustin was. Almost waiting to go down. I don’t see him in dustins head again.

McGregor said in the ESPN interview that he isn’t as hungry as he once was but was now the “fat car pulling the strings”

I don’t think he has the desire anymore. But who knows he could KO Dustin at any moment early on.

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I’m not sure if he’s selling wolf tickets but the delivery of his material definitely felt forced tonight. What that means, I don’t know. If it works for him psychologically, then that’s great for him. However, his other interviews are in much more intimate settings. In each of these I have watched, he does seem genuinely confident. He was asked “is winning the Dustin trilogy more important than fighting Oliveira” and his response was “neither means anything to me. They are both dead men, corpses, blank faces.” He seemed to believe it. Again he could just be trying to convince himself, but who knows. Whether he wins or loses Saturday, I definitely think he’s ready.

Fat car pulling the strings? Tell me which interview cause he has multiple ESPN interviews, I want to see that part. He absolutely in no way shape or form is in Dustin’s head now, Conor didn’t even get the better of him in that presser. Just loud, bombastic and arrogant, but no substance. Dustin was just being himself and never once got upset, man I love that dude.

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Yep. One guy was going through the motions and being ridiculously over the top trying to create something that wasn’t there. The other guy was relaxed, focused, and dialed in on the task at hand. Doesn’t mean McGregor can’t win, but he is not coming into this fight with any type of mental edge that much is clear.

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I think it was the one with Stephen A. Smith. Surprisingly enough he asked Conor the best questions out of all the ones I watched.

Are Conor’s answers forced? Maybe. To me most off all of his stuff has sounded forced outside of his Mayweather press tour and super early in his career. I do think he’s legitimately dialed in. Will that be enough? I think he wins Saturday via TKO.

Interesting take. I mean, with Conor it is REALLY hard to tell. I guess it depends on your definition of “forced”. I think for the vast majority of his career he has been an exaggerated version of his most extreme personality traits. I guess the best example I can think of that illustrates this is I remember Dan Hardy (after he retired) being asked if his “Outlaw” personality was just a character. His response was a long and articulate one, but he essentially explained that it wasn’t “forced”. He said that his fight persona was just a different side of his existing personality that he doesn’t get to explore as much in regular life. So he basically took his most extreme traits and exaggerated them, and made them his entire fight persona. Those characteristics were already a part of him, he just had to embrace them.

I think that is the case with Conor. I think he’s confident in real life, but I don’t think he walks around saying he “doesn’t give a bollocks” about everything. I think he’s witty, but I don’t think he’s always belittling people in real life. He’s definitely a promoter and entertainer no matter what, but competing in a combat sport has allowed him to harness those things and really embrace them. Then he takes them next level and bam, you have the Notorious one.

I agree that he’s dialed in, but I just don’t have a prediction for this fight. My purist side says I want Dustin to win because I want him to become the champion, my entertainer side says I want Conor to win because I don’t want the Conor show to be over.

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He looked off his eye balls on coke, make of that what you will…

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I’ve always thought having 100 million makes a fighter really focused.