So is Nunes gonna get pieced up?

I don’t follow WMMA but I did see Nunes look suspect against Pena and heard this new bitch is a killer.

Is this the end of Nunes or does she still have it?

hopefully…Nothing against Amanda but I’m a fan of Aldana and Grasso and seeing them both win belts would be cool


Nunes is busy being a mother ans trying new strap-ons( not trying to insult, I love all gays/lezbos etc). Aldana loves **** and being a killer. and NEW

Nothing wrong with playing pretend. Oh yea, except robbing a child of a father. But then again no big deal cause it earns her airtime on Embedded

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Nunes is the lady islam, but better.

this sounds suspect


I’ll be putting money on Irene to win

Nunes needs to take it to the next level and start fighting men IMHO.

Then I might actually be interested in watching women fight.

Depends on if the guy at ATT that helps them piss clean is around, or if he’s away like he was the last time she lost (and I think everyone else from ATT that fought on that card lost as well). Most of the losses for ATT that night were upsets/surprises, but it was like they all expected to lose.

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Nunes left ATT along time ago.

Irene is a bad bitch. She has the larger frame and will be taller than Nunes.

Gonna give this a go


I wouldn’t bet against Nunes yet.

Good to know, I wasn’t aware of that. Maybe her new gym has their own “PED guy” that is more reliable than the one at ATT.
Maybe she left ATT because she didn’t expect their “PED guy” to come back.
Seriously though, for everyone (maybe there was one exception) from that team to lose their fight that night is sus.