So It Looks Like The Jan 6 Protestors And Patriots Had It Right!

So much oiled produced we can just shut shit down. Obviously we have too much oil. Still man, piss poor luck for biden for sure though.

See you guys! We should blame Biden for the historic increase in murders under Trump! The only way to reduce the Trump Murder Spree is to re-elect Trump!

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Again, what are you blaming Biden for? Oil production, which has continued its upward trend after crashing under Trump during the pandemic, and for the past several months has been higher than all but one year in the entirety of US history? Giving out more oil drilling permits than Trump ever did? The global inflation caused by the pandemic and the war? The relief efforts voted down by Republicans? Be specific rather than hiding behind sarcasm.

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The left’s true crime is that over the course of the last 6 years they have effectively killed “truth” in both politics and journalism. There is no attempt at objectivity, no interest in integrity, and a willingness and capacity to lie time and time again. Biden and his ilk see everything through the lens of their bias, using different rules for themselves versus their political rivals. There is no accountability on the Left. Afghanistan, the border, the economy, crime, the ridiculous corruption and immorality surrounding Hunter Biden, lies about Kyle Rittenhouse, lies about gay groomers, lies about CRT in schools…

Hypocrites all.


The gall to say this in a thread in which multiple righties have posted charts showing a historic spike in murders in 2020 under Trump as proof that Biden has made crime worse.

Great Scott that’s a load of opposite world drivel

“Oh yeah? Well take THIS: A feelings-filled opinion piece void of facts!”

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You keep going back to this as if the rest of us were not here in the summer of 2020. 2020 was the year of George Floyd and the lawlessness of BLM. We all watched as Democrats called to defund the police. We all watched immoral DA’s let criminals and thugs run roughshod over our cities. Trump is not to blame for the increase in violent crime in this country, and the fact you project the Left’s failures on him just illustrates the Lefts willingness to lie, deflect, and refuse accountability.


“We should vote out President Biden because President Trump utterly failed to stop the historic rise in crime”. Great logic.

BTW it wasn’t just cities so tell me what Democrat (local) policies caused crime spikes in rural areas. Libtard prosecutors in hillbilly red zones? lol

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Every one of your posts reinforces my position.

Deflect, lie, refuse accountability= hypocrites.

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“Refuse accountability” says the turd blaming Biden (2021-) for crime under Trump in 2020, and blaming Democrats for crime in red rural areas under red governors, red prosecutors, red mayors, red sheriffs.

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Why do they think we are sheep? For Trump or For Biden?

Why can’t they get that we can have more than one thought in our minds.

Trump is an egotistical, narcissistic and lying entertainer.

Biden is an egotistical, washed up, lying and worst non-entertainer President since…(you name it).

Your health is going well? That’s excellent news bro. Congrats

It is my friend. Thank you.

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Like how Chicago blames Indiana for their gun violence?
Both sides do this shit, stop.

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How dare you call out that poster for his blatant hypocrisy when somebody else somewhere said something that I consider hypocritical!


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Orcus, that’s all we wanted. For you to admit you’re a hypocrite.
We all are in some way, bud