So. Korea MMA event 3/28- Frye

On 3/28/04, "Ultra FC" will be held at the Olympic Games Stadium in South Korea.

Two matches have been announced

Don Frye vs. Dan Bobish - Heavyweights

Sean McCully vs. Shannon Ritch - Light Heavyweights

other match announcements are forthcoming.


McCully and Ritch are out.Go to

you must be CRAZY???
I have been on the CARD from the start!
we leave for KOREA march 23-

When I have the full line up i will post it.
Thanks! Best wishes,


Akil here. How long are you gonna be in Korea? How do you feel about giving a seminar for a group of about 20-30 soldiers. Email me if interested. Remember, we are soldiers and we are broke. Email me at


choked out surfer, I went to the site and, sure enough, McCully and ritch are both on there.

Akil, I will be in Korea Cornering one of my students, I'd like to help you guys out,

Edward Sanchez
BJJ Brown belt

Your all correct,I was reading it wrong.


if frye cant beat bobish, he should hang em up

but IMO frye will KHTFO

I REALLLLLLY hope that Frye wins in at least a somewhat entertaining fashion.