So Lefties… Defend this censorship


yeah, there was another thread about this. They said that its not what he really meant, its no biggie anyway, nobody uses sms anyway, and Trump is literally Hitler


Leftist have no real idealiology or morals. All consuming power is their game. Invasion of personal discourse is great if they get what they want.


If sms were used more this would be a bigger deal. His words are being put out of context anyway.

What the hell are you guys talking about with. The sms dying stuff?

Everyone one i know sends a text when calls are not necessary.

I understand the benefits of using other messenger app, but I rarely have used one.

Do these other options truly have the majority of traffic, over our basic phone messengers?

IF this is the intention, I can’t / won’t defend it. I’ve not actually seen any Dem or White House rep say they are doing this, tho. I thought the Righties learned over the last four years not to trust every piece in the media?

If it comes out this is true, it’s dog shit.

They already did this regarding the Hunter Biden laptop before the election. Not only did Twitter block the NY Post from Twitter, and of course nobody could tweet the story, nobody could DM the story on Twitter, Facebook et al, but if you sent it on an Android phone using Google’s sms software it wouldn’t go through.


Yeah it really shouldn’t come as any surprise after they blocked the account of the real president, not the fake one, for the ‘mean tweets’ too


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You see anywhere where this was proven as a real thing? I still haven’t. There was another post on here yesterday where all the anti-Biden and Conservative types jumped on a report which ended up being misrepresented and wrong…seems to be the trend. Sorry if I wait for confirmation before I get triggered like so many others here seem to.

must be real

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iPhone users only use SMS when sending a text to an android user.

lol at all you fucking morons calling out the “lefties”

Washington is full of corrupt shitstains on both sides. This is not a political issue, but a human one. When one side calls out the lefties, and the other side calls out the righties, the government has successfully diverted your attention while it fucks you over.

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I don’t want any unsolicited calls period !! Does not matter the subject. Don’t call for me to give blood. Don’t call for me to do a survey. Don’t call to sell me extended car warranty don’t call me to ask who I am voting for. Don’t call me about a Covid vaccine.

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As a Hard Leftie I can not defend this… It’s weak, verging on disgusting.
Anti-vaxers should be rounded up and executed.

If you are looking for a defence of it, try googling “shouting FIRE in a packed movie theatre…”

There are definitely shitstains on both sides. But only the leftist shitstains endorsed, supported, and even funded the eight months of violent and deadly riots across the country in all major cities. As a registered Independant, I’ll take the shitstains on the right any day of the week.

Only the shitstains on the left are anti-consitution and pushing critical race theory and racial division.

I won’t fight you on the 8+ months of violence and riots thing, I’ve never seen anyone with a partisan opinion willing to discuss that in shades of grey. Come on, man. “Both sides” shit on the Constitution when it suits them. Look at how many dumbfucks STILL think Trump will be put back in office soon, or thought Pence could reject votes on Jan 6th, or thought even after the states certified their votes they could be uncertified, etc. etc. You shit on CRT, but I’ve only seen one side of the political spectrum pass laws restricting its teaching, which seems like gov’t suppression to me. There are plenty of ways the GOP / Right uses the Constitution when it is convenient to them and ignores it when it isn’t.

I’m not talking about fringe voters. I’m specifically referring to our elected officials.

And while there may be specific cases where Republican officials have sought to violate the Constitution, I honestly can’t name an example. The whole Pence thing about rejecting votes I’ve read up only a little on. But from my limited understanding they were trying to find a way to legally do it. And to be clear, I denounced the Jan 6th riots and conflict. I have no pity on Ashley Babbit or anyone else involved. With or without FBI and BLM provacatuers everyone crossing into the Capitol were adults and responsible for their actions.

But only one side is actively trying to eliminate the 1st and 2nd Amendments. The very core of our democracy.

If Republican backed courses were being taught to children that everything is black people’s fault and that black people are the core of the world’s problems, would you fault Democratic governors from banning that in their states? I know I wouldn’t. Racism and racial division should not be taught for any political reasons. Right or left.

I’m what I call a Roddenberry liberal. I grew up watching Star Trek envisioning a future where race truly didn’t matter. It showed a future where the color of our skin had no meaning. But that’s not what a liberal or radical leftist represents today. I propose that the Democrats are just as racist as they were during the days of Jim Crow. The only difference is they changed the targets of their racism from blacks and jews to whites and asians.


I disagree on a few points, but agree on some of the others. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts.

I like the Roddenbury liberal approach.

Using the AP as a source is as accurate as using CNN as a source. Just an arm of the DNC.

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Oh fuck off. You’ve used things on par with with your multiple dumb-ass-posts-a-day-athons.

Refute what’s in there or provide other info.