So Mayhem Miller you gonna train with cesar gracie



Cesar Gracie


'Mayhem' Miller is welcome at our gym for training. Life is too short to for grudges.

Shit just got real.


That would be a super orgy of awesomeness. Phone Post

Beep. Phone Post

Ttt hope he takes the offer. Would be great for his game. Phone Post

It's all a scam to get him jumped Phone Post

Sweeeeet Phone Post

The Real Asian Cowboy - Shit just got real.


Shit just got real? Really? Besides that saying being inapplicable here, it is so overused. Phone Post

Obviously you havent seen the gif of Mayhem doing his intro. Applicable. Sit Downnnnnn.

 where is jaysun?

adamscheulen - It's all a scam to get him jumped Phone Post

I concur. Phone Post

wow...major stonage


What's the story behind this? I know there was that post fight scuffle between him and the Gracie Fighter guys after Jake Shields beat Henderson but I can't remember hearing anything between him and the Gracie camp recently. Did he say he wanted to train at Gracie Fighter after Bisping beat him? Phone Post

Don't know where it starts. But Youtube "Mayhem Interviews Diaz". I think that this may be the genesis. I Wish our Monkey Leader did more interviews.

Never mind, I read the tweet by Mayhem saying he wanted another fight soon. I'm just not sure if he was talking to Gracie Jujitsu or what. Phone Post

Pretty sure Mayhem said in his interview with Layzie that he'd be open to training at Cesar's....

 I thought he said it on the mma show with Helwani.