So my knees have been hurting for months now

Hi, my name is Mike and I'm 23 years old. About a month and a half ago, I bought a new bike from a local bike store and began using it extensively during the week. When I bought the bike, I made sure to have the right size so that I would not hurt myself.

After a few weeks of riding, I began to notice pain in my knees when walking up the stairs or getting up and out of a chair, especially in the morning. I went to the doctor for this, and he took some x-rays of my knees and told me that he didn't see any problems and it is probably just tendonites. He referred me to a local physical therapy place and I began going there for about three weeks. During this period, I had been avoiding all physical activites, and the only activity I did was in the therapy sessions.

A week ago, I took a free judo class and had a great time (Ive been doing BJJ for years, but had to take a break cause of money issues) But the following three days my knees were killing me. My P.T. checked my knees for any torn tendons, but he could not find any. He told me it probably wasn't that serious cause I could walk fine. He then stated that maybe I should go back to my doctor and get an MRI.

Yesterday I went to Philidelphia on a trip to sight see and I was walking all day. Today my knees are in a lot of pain, very sore. It seems like this is taking forever to heal. I don't know what to do. It sucks because I can't train or do anything physical. Can anybody give me any ideas on helping my knees? Ive been icing them like everyday and taking Ibuprohen. Its so weird cause Ive never had problems with my knees in my life, and I've been doing wrestling and BJJ for years. And I work out too. And also, Ive had no visual swelling in my knees at all.

Sounds like the MD and PT may not know what they are doing.

I'll tell you what, Ive had word for word almost identically the same problem. I've fround no resolve for it either, which is annoying. If you find any more information on your problem, make sure you update this thread with whatever it is.

Stretching,rest, and nice relaxing showers seem to be the only things that help. And of course avoiding agravating activites like running , grappling , excessive biking. The only one of those three things I really do avoid though is running, since Ive given it up for biking. I'm still grappling about 3 hard days a week, and it often flares up my knees.


how long have you had the same problem?

Why are you icing it? Does it swell at all? What kind of pain is it? Are you taking glucosamine/chondrin/ or cissus rx? If not i would look into taking one of those.

Or maybe your legs are really weak? Work on building quads/hams in order to take stress off of your knees.

When I work out my legs my knees hurt even more. Ive been doing squats for years I dont think its a muscle imbalance issue

Might still be a muscle imbalance issue. There's one quad that everyone seems to miss on the inside of their leg that causes an imbalance; typically with a popping sensation.

Maybe if you go back you can demand an MRI? X Rays really don't do much unless there's alignment or broken bone issues.

410ClosetRedneck - Why are you icing it? Does it swell at all? What kind of pain is it? Are you taking glucosamine/chondrin/ or cissus rx? If not i would look into taking one of those.

Or maybe your legs are really weak? Work on building quads/hams in order to take stress off of your knees.
Icing it relieves some of the pain and tightness. So does heat. It almost feels like the increased blood flow helps the situation, weather it be from hot or cold. It doesnt really swell so to say, and the pain is almost a throbbing tightness, and is exhasperated when i stretch.

Yeah, im taking glucosamine, msm, fish oil, and flax seed oil. Ive been taking those for about 5 years now.


Dashooter911 - how long have you had the same problem?
In my right knee, about 6 months ago it started and it followed a knee injury where i was off my knee for awile. the problem then started, and i think it mightve had to do with inactivity in my knee.

about 2 weeks ago i had a very long day at a tournament, and was physically exhausted by the end of the day. after the 3 hour car ride, with my knees in the same position, the left knee then became very tight and problematic. sinse then, ive been stretching it ALOT and trying to fix it best i can. It almost seems like the stretching ive been doing has come close to fixing it.

deep down i feel like my knee problems are tendonitis, as they match the symptons almost perfectly .


Yeah it sounds like there's nothing torn but a sprain/strain that you aren't letting heal. I would go to ortho/doctor and try to get a hold of a good anti inflamatory. In the mean time use IB profin. If heat helps, it's a good indicator that you've just strained the tendon...because typically heat will increase the swelling (due to increased blood flow).

It's the same reason why a lot of gyms like to have the temperature higher than would be comfortable, just because it warms all of the tendons/muscles up and decreases the risk of tearing something.

 410ClosetRedneck, that makes alot of sense.

Anybody know how long it might take to heal? I noticed that leg extensions make it more sore, but doing like 2 sets of squats without any weights helps alot and makes them feel a little better.

Given that it's just an inflammed tendon...I would just commit myself to not using it too heavily for two weeks and take a good anti inflamatory and you should be fine after that.

I'm not a doctor by any standard though

 I went to a local no gi bjj tournament today, totally pain free! My knee felt fine all day, and no troubles during one of my 6 matches! on the car ride home i waited for it to start up, but to my joy it did not. even as i sit here at my uncomfortable computer chair ,it feels great.

considering i weigh 150 lbs and had 6 matches in a absolute division, im pretty stoked. won all of my matches but one, 4 of which by submission.

Dashooter991, their is hope for our tendons yet .

Yeah, I sure hope so Kirkor Papasian. My doc just precribed me a strong anti-inflamatory I've been taking for a fews days now. They definitly feels better than they did last week. I tried to show my friend an armbar from the guard for like 2 minutes yesterday during Affliction and my knees are a little sore today :(

I'm going to get an MRI next week to see what is going on. My doc says he like 90% sure its sore tendons, but we will see.

 yeah , deffinately keep us up to date on it all. i think rest is going to be the best thing you can do at this moment, and the anti infamatory is probably working wonders.

what kind of anti-inflam did he prescribe? naproxin?

yeah, Naproxin twice a day for like a month.

 It's funny how i knew what they prescribed you, probably not a good thing. ive had too many injuries lol

yeah, shit, this is weird, one day my knees hurt, one day they dont, over and over.

Have you seen a good massage therapist yet? I've helped tons of people with similar symptoms recover. From what you've described, it sounds like a fairly straightforward situation that might be resolved in just 2-3 visits.

There's a therapist locator service on this site:

Good luck!
Jason Erickson