So my wife did a thing

So I’ve been drooling over the Spector Euro4 LT for about 2 years now…

I retire in a couple months from the Army and my wife just informed me I’m getting one for a retirement gift!


I’d make a Jody joke, but I’ll refrain. Congratulations on making a career of it, and enjoy the 2nd half of your life rocking out on your own terms.
You getting my tax dollars for the rest of your life is something I can get behind.


That’s a beautiful bass, what colour are you getting?

The blue fade gloss… I considered the red as well, but it doesn’t pop the way the blue does.

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Nice the blue and the tiger eye are my favorites forsure

ahh…the ole “he’ll be so busy with this I won’t hafta put out for weeks” gift.

Ya know… If I’m getting this Spector, for a couple weeks I’ll be ok with that. :-p


btw gold hardware on an insturment is so nice

How can you slap?!

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When you say she did a thing, I automatically assume it is my thing, and certainly don’t want it to turn into another thing. But now that I see it was a different thing…we can just enjoy those good things together.

Congrats on the career, retirement and for getting a cool fucking guitar!

I’m not generally a fan of gold, but it really does seem to work on the Spector design… Regardless, I’m a big fan of Gotoh tuners.

I had one of their lower end models back in the 90s. This one looks much much nicer. Enjoy it!

You won’t be bored in your bunker!

I have a Legend 4 Neck Thru and a Legend 4X as well… Both are awesome basses, especially the 4X after I ripped out the pups and preamp and put EMG electronics in it. The Neck Thru is a bit heavy tho being solid maple.

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a Spector fanboy…

That will be awesome. I expected a thread of what things your wife did for other posters.


congrats on retirement

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We mostly just get sphincter fanboys here.