So my wife wants a girlfriend

Alright you fuckin freaks, my wife of 16 years and mother of my 3 kids wants a girlfriend. She has been with other chick's before. Both with and without me. Mostly with but she had them to herself before aswell but I was still with them too.

Now she wants one all to herself with no me time involved. Other than casual introductions. I Am cool with it other than the day to day of dealing with kids and house after work. I feel she needs a break and to explore. We've been together since we were 16.

What say you Og? Is she a bull dike now?
Have I made her a lezbo ? Is it code for bbc ? Should i call a lawyer? Phone Post 3.0

Nothing positive will come from this.

That said - if she is lesbian... maybe it is better you guys move forward now than in the future.

Hey bud, lets us know how the divorce proceedings are going.

LOL... wow OP, she used you, now shes finding her dream women.. you will be ditched!!

It's when when couples are just like casual friends. Just hanging out once and awhile, banging hooores once and awhile. No big deal. High five, wifebro.

Maybe get yourself a boyfriend Phone Post 3.0

Good to see your wife is prioritizing and creating a stable household for your kids.

Pop smoke Phone Post 3.0

If you play your cards right, you can have her watch the kids while you hook up with random dudes. Good luck. Phone Post 3.0

16 years before she got tired of your pussy...not bad OP

Just teach your kids not to marry a lesbian at 16, so they can have a more fulfilling life.

Get a sex change, problem solved. You're welcome Phone Post 3.0

Your wife got the seed from you. Now she wants a lesbian wife.

Start preparing your divorce case. Phone Post 3.0

There is a great piece of advice often repeated on this forum about chicks being like monkeys swinging in trees...they dont let go of one vine until they have a firm grasp on another one.

Your wife wants another relationship.

Your marriage is over.


cuzzi - Maybe get yourself a boyfriend Phone Post 3.0
You interested? Phone Post 3.0

Lawyer up. It's no different than her asking for a boyfriend. Especially because you won't be involved at all. Phone Post 3.0

LOL ... She want's a relationship without you and you're ok with it?  Girl or guy is irrelevant and it's fucking retarded.  Good luck buddy, this is a terrible decision and the begining of the end.

BrocksSwockRanTrane_onShane -

Good to see your wife is prioritizing and creating a stable household for your kids.

Ding a fuckin ling. Phone Post 3.0